Huge shout out to Sandos resort in Playa Del Carmen for a memorable week filled with breakfast on the beach and some of the best drinks I've ever had. They were extremely accommodating to all of our needs during our stay and the resort itself had many unique features that we just had to take advantage of including these cool jungle vibe showers! Click here to check out their resort or book online.

Side note: I want a beach wedding with a mariachi band there too.

Our next adventure in Mexico was Tulum. These ancient Mayan ruins blew me away and so did the beach that they sat above as well. This beach is said to be one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world and I definitely have to say that I agree.

Next up, we made a day trip to Coba where we had the opportunity of meeting these beautiful locals who were kind enough to make us an authentic Mexican dinner. These families live off less than $2 a day and yet they wear the biggest smiles on their faces that will without a doubt warm your heart.


Casa Macarena is a beautiful luxury boutique resort located off the grid in Tulum making it the perfect spot for a peaceful stay. It has many amazing features including an outdoor bathtub that overlooks the jungle. The bohemian vibe makes this place so charming and cozy and the details are truly amazing.


Click here to check our their resort or book online!

Day two in Tulum consisted of a bike ride, some amazing vegan falafel dishes at PASHA café and a visit to Azulik, an eco friendly luxury resort. This place had the most amazing treehouse villas and restaurant which had a warm nest feel to it. The design of this resort is absolutely incredible and unlike any other place I've ever stayed. (See photos below.)


Click here to view their resort or book online! 

Next stop: Isla Mujeres. The water is crystal clear blue and the sunsets light up the evening sky with the most beautiful vibrant colours. 

It wouldn't be a trip to Mexico if there were no margaritas or shots of Mezcal consumed...

I couldn't leave Mexico without experiencing the world class diving in Cozumel. On my last day here, I woke up early at 5am to catch the ferry from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel and also caught this crazy sunrise too! Cozumel truly had some of the clearest blue waters I have ever seen making it so visible that you can see everything down there while diving.