Scottsdale, Arizona was a dream. I loved the desert vibes, the cactus and the adorable little folk shops and restaurants in Oldtown. You will want to shop all day on this strip where you will find all sorts of little rocks and gems cute knick knacks. If you love hot sauce as much as I do, Oldtown will be a paradise for you as well as there are many stores with hundreds of different types to try! One of my favourite restaurants here was Diego Pops, a place that I definitely recommend checking out if you like good drinks and tacos.



Old Adobe Mission Church in Old Town Scottsdale

We left Scottsdale for the day and took a 2 hour road trip to Sedona to do some hiking and see some of the red rock formations.

Sunsets in Arizona are incredible. I managed to capture this photo while on the golf course one warm evening. 

One of my favourite parts about this trip to Arizona was my visit at the Four Seasons resort in Scottsdale. The design of this resort is out of this world and is by far one of the coziest places I have yet been to. Every spot has here has a breathtaking and peaceful view of the desert. The architecture was incredibly unique and fitting, making the experience of being there quite authentic. Check out the details and finishes!


Click here for more information about this resort or to book online.

The pool at Four Seasons, Scottsdale is basically a real life desert oasis. How could you not want to spend forever here?

I also can't forget to let you guys know about how amazing the food was at their restaurant! I had a great time relaxing in the sun and indulging in tasty food and beverages on this patio.

Driving through Utah is really something else. I definitely recommend checking out Horseshoe Bend if you want to be blown away and see for yourself just how big these red rock formations really are in real life.